The most comprehensive Electronic Social Record (ESR) available for optimizing the engagement of healthcare organizations and the community agencies that address the Social Determinants of Health.

Cycling in Nature
Social determinants of health impact health plan effectiveness
  • Health outcomes

  • Utilization of high-cost care delivery resources

  • Cost of duplicated & unnecessary services

  • Member retention and engagement

States increasingly require or strongly encourage Medicaid MCOs to address SDOH. 

  • Leverage 1115 demonstrations to test strategies to address SDOH

  • Innovative SDOH management will bring RFP competitive advantage

  • Value-Based Payment (VBP) Initiatives


Connecting two worlds ...

To gain the benefits of SDOH management, MCOs must engage with the world of Community Based Organizations is a meaningful way that goes beyond the simple "send and hope" referral model.

Meaningful engagement requires these additional things:

  • Uptake by the CBO

  • Tangible, optimized action at point-of-care

  • The details & impact of actions performed must be assessed and communicated back to the referrer in a complete way

Only imPowr has the depth of integration that enables MCOs to extract the full value of Managed Care-SDOH provider partnerships.


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