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Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

We are looking to partner with next generation ACOs to form sustainable, integrated, and evidence-driven relationships with community partners that address social challenges.


By leveraging deeper relationships with community partners, ACOs can improve quality and effectively lower the cost of care for the complex beneficiaries that would otherwise be difficult to reach and manage due to their social challenges.


Produces stronger referrals

  • Deep integration enables referrals that go beyond traditional matching. With imPowr, the quality of services is improved with referrals based on updated and detailed beneficiary profiles.

  • Eligibility checking and referral processes can be automated and feedback provided in a fast, predictable, and reliable way.

Serves as primary data source

  • Provides access to previously unavailable community-based organization data.

  • Allows ACOs to incorporate community-based organizations' screening, assessment, and outcome data into their overall population health analytics, providing new insights into the impactability of complex beneficaries.

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Continuously improves quality

  • imPowr provides ACOs and community-based organizations with an evidence-based and sustainable connection provide the best quality of service for the beneficiaries and highest cost savings for the ACO.

  • The data collected through imPowr can provide valuable insights on the associated social determinants of health and can contribute to future quality improvement plans.

Creates better connectivity

  • Provides a technical bridge for connecting ACO and community-based organizations' case management systems so that ACOs have a deeper insight of the scope of services being provided to their complex beneficiaries.

  • Enhances the ability of the community-based organizations to provide meaningful data to the ACO, through a common language to describe beneficiaries and outcomes.

  • Provides screenings for the ACO that results in visibility to the community-based organization's assessments and the entire scope of services provided by the organization.

  • With imPowr, ACO guidance and recommendations can be provided to the community-based organization's case manager and the beneficiary right at the point of care, resulting in improved compliance.

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Helps build partner network

Provides financial and outcome performance metrics and assessment tools that help ACOs identify the most impactful and reliable community partners.

Enhances family engagement

The ability to leverage family engagement as part of an ACO care strategy becomes possible with CBO engagement and imPowr's extensive family mapping and communication tools.

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