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CBO Business Coordination & Communication

imPowr CBO Business Coordination & Communication

The transition from medical-only, fee-for-service models to whole person care and value-based models requires an enhanced level of communication. This communication most include:

  • Patient clinical intervention data

  • Social Service (SDOH) intervention data

  • Emerging individual and family events that could be a precursor to some health challenge

  • Business communication related to contracting, payment, and other administrative aspects

imPowr provides the tools needed to effectively share information and manage its distribution.


Partner Portals imPowr's unique system of portals enables configuration of "access points" for many different types of stakeholders. the CBO Partner portal can be used for sharing aggregated data, scorecards, documents and signatures.


Granular Consent & Security Model imPowr supports a very granular consent model that can be leveraged to control who has access to what data and when. Special access control levels and 'account blocking' features that layer on top of consent, provide an additional level of control over who can access what, when, and how.

Contracting with Electronics Signature imPowr's fully integrated contracting module make sit possible to manage contractual relationships, signatures, non-conflict statements, BAA's, and other contractual documents all on-line with easy access to reports, reminders, alerts and more.

Electronic Treatment Plan Management Required treatment plans can be scheduled, tracked, and coordinated directly through imPowr. The ability to create recurring plan timelines and trigger one-time reporting events provides flexibility ad simplicity.

Service Delivery Tracking imPowr's tracking capabilities make CBO tracking pf services automatic. The imPowr API can be used to auto-report these transactional events as they occur directly to the central database where they can be immediately put to use for decision making and communication.

Agency Scorecards Performance data can be aggregated and presented in score card format, making it easy for you to compare one partner agency to another, and if desired, for them to benchmark against one another.