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Integrated Health Networks and Managed Care

New challenges require new ways of working

At Continual Care, we believe that effective partnerships create a mutually beneficial environment that is a win for the health system, the CBO, and the patient.

Traditional Model


imPowr Integrated Model


for Integrated Health Systems

Sustainable and impactful relationships between Integrated Health systems and Community Based Organizations can not only enhance the health and wellbeing of the patient and their family, but can lower the entire societal cost of disease, poverty, mental health and substance abuse.


But how does a health network identify the most optimal partners, assure quality, and manage the engagement process when the diversity of CBO ability, quality, and access is so great?

The answer is imPowr. imPowr replaces the "send-and-hope" model of traditional management systems. imPowr brings a new dimension to the medical-social engagement, building deep, evidence-based, and streamlined relationships that provides the detailed and complete data sets needed by managed care to truly assess impact and value.

Coordinated Case Management

  • Integrates network's high-risk case management with CBO case management to addresses the whole range of patient need

  • Provides smarter referrals that leverage the power of in-depth matching and performance profiling tools to find the optimal fit.

  • Enhances the ability of the CBO to provide data meaningful to the network via a unified approach and a common "language" for assessment & reporting.

  • Provides networks with full visibility to the entire scope of services provided by the CBO in immediate response to a referral and beyond.

Impact at the Point of Care

  • Communicates network policies, guidance and insight to the CBO case manager directly at the point-of-care where it can be most readily be implemented and can be most impactful.

Optimizes Network-to-CBO Business Operations

  • Streamlines contracting with automated electronic processes.

  • Enhances communication with context-sensitive alerts and notifications, and escalation of things that matter from both a wellness and a cost perspective.

Enhances Agency Financial Management

  • Capture a complete fiscal record of not only what referrals were made, but what happened next. Leverage that data to begin to understand the true unit cost of services, outcomes achieved, and ultimately value.

Green Fields

"The team has quickly taken to it and the assessment tools help us to better establish evidence-based programming." 

Rosemary Shader Executive Director

Community Action for Wyoming County


Gain a 360° view of those you serve.

Identify specific client needs with our assessment tools and collect essential data to provide strategic-driven information so that your organization can expand key programs with the most impact.


Having a holistic view of clients removes duplicated efforts and fragmented client insights, giving opportunities to provide optimal service through outcomes collection. 


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