Long Term Services & Supports (LTSS)

Millions of Americans, including children, adults, and seniors, need long-term care services because of disabling conditions and chronic illnesses.

Through its imPowr platform, CCS can help LTSS providers create meaningful & sustainable engagements with the SDOH service provider community (CBOs) to impact all of the areas identified by Medicaid as essential for assuring that people with disabilities and chronic conditions have choice, control and access to quality services, and can achieve health and quality of life.

Person Driven


Effective and accountable

Sustainable and efficient

Coordinated and transparent

Culturally competent


for LTSS

Of all heath care recipients, the LTSS population is most impacted by the social determinants of health, with SDOH needs accounting for an estimated 80% of recipient needs. imPowr supports LTSS providers by creating a sustainable and impactful gateway to the community of service organizations that address the social determinants of health via social, residential, community engagement, and life-skill programs.


Coordinated Case Management

  • Integrates LTSS case management at the health system level with LTSS care coordination provided by CBOs.

  • Smart referrals that go deeper than the google-search match. Leverage imPowr's in-depth matching and performance tools to find the optimal fit.

  • Enhances the ability of the CBO to provide meaningful data to the LTSS provider, via assessment sharing, a common "language" to describe patients and outcomes, and full visibility to the entire scope of need and the entire scope of services provided by the CBO

Optimizes LTSS-to-CBO Business Operations

  • Streamline contracting with automated electronic processes.

  • Enhance communication with context-sensitive alerts and notifications, and escalation of things that matter from both a wellness and a cost perspective.

Enhances Agency Financial Management

  • Capture a complete fiscal record of not only what referrals were made, but what happened next. imPowr leverages that data to begin to understand the true unit cost of services, outcomes achieved, and ultimately value.

Grandmother and Grandson

"Utilizing imPowr has enabled our organization to accurately capture enrollment in each of our unique programs in one place.  It also enabled us to get a count of unique service recipients in all of our programs more quickly and more accurately than ever before."

Leah Flowers

Managed Care Coordinator at The Arc Wayne

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Gain a 360° view of those you serve.

Identify specific client needs with our assessment tools and collect essential data to provide strategic-driven information so that your organization can make the most impactful referrals to the most cost effective and most competent partners.