Optimizing Social Care Delivery: Real-time Guidance at Point of Care

imPowr Point-of-Care Engagement

The traditional approach to health system and community organization engagement has been the "send and hope" referral model. The health system sends a referral through fax, email, or any one of many common referral management systems. That level of engagement is superficial at best.

But what if the health system could truly engage with the social service agency? What if insight and expertise could be seamlessly shared in an effective, non-disruptive and natural way? With imPowr it can!

With imPowr, insights and guidance gleaned from health system analytics, and population models, can be seamlessly introduced directly into the human service agencies at the point-of-care, providing social service case managers an important new tool in developing their care strategies and work plans.

The result: more integrated, more successful care, leading to faster and greater cost savings.

Program Recommendations With the imPowr model, the health system can directly provide the human service case manager with suggestions and recommendations for programming, all based on the specific patient personal/profiles.

Behavior & Health Alerts When community patterns are emerging and be tracked by the health system (health, environmental, etc.) that information can be conveyed in rea-time to human service case managers as they meet with and engage with new clients, making sure that information is incorporate into social care plans.

Case Studies & Case Manager Education The volume of research on community care is massive and growing. With the imPowr model, health systems can help focus that mass of information into case studies and targeted educational content that helps educate human service case managers and can align social care and medical care, getting to better results, faster.

Relevant References Build Patients success is greater when they understand the rationale behind care plans and respect its authority. With imPowr, the health system can provide the human service case managers with the references that they can then share with the patient, leading to greater compliance with care plans and ultimately better outcomes.

Targeted Assessment Tools When patients present at a human service agency, the social case manager may not have the medical background to assess certain important medical risks. With the deep integration of imPowr, health system assessment tools can flow directly to the social case manager and built-in alerts can prompt their use. The data that flows back to the health system serves as an important early risk-detection system.

Insurance & Payment Options Build Patients have strong relationships with their social service providers and often rely on them for guidance. With imPowr, health system costs and payment options can be shared with the social case manager directly at the point of care, providing important data for decision making and building of patient trust and participation.