Analyzing Data

Social Data Collection, Aggregation & Harmonization

imPowr Social Data Collection

Current solutions for SDOH that focus on "send-and-hope" referrals have limited impact

Assessments only identify small portion of members in need 

  • 50% or more members are unable to reach 

  • Challenge completing assessments

With imPowr, MCOs can leverage the strong CBO-to-patient relationships that provide access to members, trained assessors, and drives higher quality access and assessment data.

Fail to capture totality of services and issues

  • What services has member received in past? 

  • Were member’s issues resolved? 

  • How are new issues identified and addressed?


With imPowr, MCOs have access to a complete longitudinal record of services received by the member and their family, along with participation level and outcomes data, all presented in a form that can be consumed by MCO analytic tools.

Value of interventions not quantifiable

  • What outcomes are being collected?

  • How reliable and complete are reported metrics?

  • Is the "language" of reporting being used consistently?


With imPowr, data flows automatically in a complete way, definitions and metrics are transformed behind-the-scenes into a consistent language consistent with MCO data analysis requirements, and data validation checks take place every step of the way.