imPowr is a complete Enterprise solution & Electronic Social Record (ESR)

We can help you tackle the many dimensions of serving expensive and complex high-risk populations

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for ACOs, Health Systems, and other healthcare organizations that serve high-risk and expensive members.

For the ACO or Health System

  • Supports 360 degree case management in an active way, leading to improved quality scores and reduced cost

  • Provides fully integrated, Active Referral Management that directly integrates with the social service providers

  • Facilitates member search and coordinated outreach to member & family

  • Activates a powerful, trusted channel for member communication

  • Builds string, impactful and sustainable relationships with agencies that address the social determinants of health

  • Integrates with existing analytics platforms & information systems

For the Human Service Agency

  • Provides Active Referral Management that integrates agency and health system operations and data needs

  • Supports 360 degree case management that optimizes workflows for job programs, immigrants, education and schools, family services, substance abuse, housing, much more!

  • Integrates with existing information systems

For the Healthcare organization-Community organization relationship

  • Streamlines contracting and business operations

  • Assure quality staff credentialing and learning management

  • Optimizes deployment of contractors and volunteers

  • Streamlines sharing of documents, communication, and care coordination

  • Builds deep and sustainable partnerships